Friday, 14 May 2010

Survey day

A long day of surveying today, I managed a breeding bird, amphibian, reptile and butterfly survey as well as disturbance monitoring in the bay for 3 hrs, this, added to my usual Friday tasks saw me out and about from 4.45 am to 7.15 pm. TFI Friday that's all I can say.
Still, I did manage to get a few moth year ticks, including Cinnabar, yellow belle, small seraphim, Thisanotia chysonmuchella (1321) and Elachista argentella (610).
There are quite a lot of Green winged Orchids growing on the golf course at the moment, another new orchid for me! I have estimated that there are around 4-5,000+ Common Twayblade orchids in flower at Stonelees at the moment, quite an amazing sight, its just a shame they aren't more attractive. Also there appear to be a lot of Lizard orchids about at the moment, rosette's only of course but it looks set to be a good year for the species.
Bird wise it was fairly quiet, especially so considering the wind has turned to the southern quarter. Early this morning there seemed to be a small arrival of Greenshank, cuckoos (3) and turtle doves (5) but it was unremarkable apart from that unfortunately.
Animal wise I had a pure albino rabbit at 100acre which has got to be worth a mention!

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