Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Moth catch up!

The trouble with not updating my blog at this time of the year results in lots of pictures, mostly of moths to post at some point. This post is something of a photo dump, however some good moths have been added to my life/norfolk list in the past few weeks so I'll try to highlight them too.

Starting with the most recent trapping- on Tuesday morning I found a first for the Yare valley, a Small Dotted Footman, this RDB species is an amazing find and one that many other mothers have been hopeful in finding, so it was a most surprising and exciting find! If it was a bright colourful moth the reception would have been better, but those in the know were suitably impresed. This eclipsed the equally new species for the reserve (as far as i can tell) European corn borer.

Dad and I also went to Winterton once again, the traps were far better this time around, unfortunately I did not get a chance to photograph many of the moths as we had to pot up and then I had to get to work in a bit of a rush, however Archers dart, true lovers knot and Shark are worthy of mention. lots more micros to be identified.

More fen pictures to follow, this night saw many species 160+ including a few goodies, I dont have the complete list as it is currently on holiday. below is a small selection including an odd clouded border, dentated pug, one of 3 Blacknecks, also in the traps were 12 cream bordered green peas, and another fist for the reserve- small mottled willow.

Finally I had a trip to my nans birthday in Essex, dad was kind enough to put a trap out on the saltmarsh and it pulled in some great species (especially for an inland Norfolk mother!)