Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pintail twitch

Well I actually got a little bit excited about a pintail this morning, amazing what this patchwork challenge does to you! Pintails are annual visitors to the Mid-Yare Valley but to make sure it got onto my yearlist I went and twitched one at Buckenham this morning a fine drake on the pool in front of the hide brings my total to 102 for the year (plus Tundra Bean goose)
Also on show was a single Short eared owl and the usual Buckenham fare- no geese though, think they may have gone now.
Whats next....

Sunday, 24 February 2013

101 +RLB

Quick update on patchbirding score-101 now, with the addition of 3 Goosander flying upriver on Tuesday (2 male 1 female). Well ahead of where I was expecting to be at this time of the year, I am currently in 2nd place in the 'inland' East anglia  league so am quite happy with that, still room for improvement though!

Hoping for a couple of additions this week, I have been told that there are a few Pintail in the pool by Buckenham mill so hopefully they will stay put until  the morning for an extra point.

Today I headed to Reedham with the hope of seeing the Rough Legged Buzzards which have been hanging around the Waveny Forest area, rather than driving all the way around via Yarmouth I thought I'd give it a go from the other side. The result was fantastic views of one individual flying around and perched on a gate, very handily a common buzzard was perched on the opposite side of the same gate! A cracking chance to really study the finer differences between the two species, good views were had from the riverside car park and also from the railway bridge just before the swing bridge, this gave me height and a wide view of the marshes. Glad I finally had a chance to get down there to see these great birds of prey.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Century made

Today I finally saw a Pochard at Strumpshaw- about time too- this puts me nicely on 100 species for the patchbirding competition!
I added Curlew (and Grey Seal) yesterday too, which were welcome additions.

My father and I had a spare couple of hours this afternoon so decided to go to Thetford to see the Black Bellied Dipper- a fantastic little bird, showing very well, shame the light wasn't a little brighter for photography but by first (uk400) tick since the Savi's last year. I'll add the obligatory photos a little later.
Amazing how it managed to find the location- probably the only suitable habitat for miles around, clever things these birds. 

EDIT- turns out not to be split by uk400 after all!

Friday, 1 February 2013

State of Britains larger moths

A pretty damming report of the moth populations in the uk over the past 40 years.
Its pretty amazing to think that some of my best catches would have been common place 30 years ago. Must have been incredible to see the sheer numbers and numbers of species present with each trap in good conditions back then!
Read all about it here- http://butterfly-conservation.org/files/state-of-britains-larger-moths-2013-report.pdf