Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to say happy christmas to all that read this blog. I also wish you all a wildlife filled new year. Thanks for everything

Monday, 15 December 2014

Weekend wandering the patch

Like many other people, I was out and about this weekend trying my best to claw back some of those 'easy' species which I appear to have missed so far this year.
On Saturday I got the train to Cantley and walked around the beet factory, around Cantley, Buckenham and Strumpshaw and then back through Brundall to home, an enjoyable walk in glorious sunshine.
Unfortunately there were not a huge number of birds about, but as always there were some highlights.

Sugar factory;
2 chiffchaffs together with a tit flock
1800 lapwing
64 ruff
1 water pipit
3-5 bearded tots
2 pintail
1 green sand
1 dunlin
8 curlew
1 peregrine

Fox enjoying the first rays of winter sun
Buckenham & Cantley
3 buzzard
4 marsh harrier (including a tagged bird I couldnt quite see- looked like white left pale blue right but too distant to be sure- any info would be appreciated)
60 golden plover
600 lapwing
530 wigeon
no geese to speak of apart from a single barnacle

Yesterday I was working in the office but managed to take a few pics of some of the residents.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Taigas return

Finally year ticked taiga bean goose at Buckenham today, with 32 present this afternoon.

Buckenham and cantley totals today included;

Lapwing 2125
Golden plover 1037
Wigeon 1480
Ruff 16
Bean goose 32
Whitefronts 11
Pinks 5
Buzzard 4
Marsh harrier 13 (through at dusk)
Peregrine 1
Water pipit 3
Skylark 82 (!) all over in 1 big flock- cold weather movements for sure poss a MYV record too?

Glad to see the north easterly winds along with cooler weather on the continent have brought in some geese