Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day off

A nice day off today, Ruth and I decided we should check out some local heritage and found ourselves at Dover Castle. A great day out, we managed to spend just under 6 hrs which was a bit of a surprise too. Interestingly the site has been used in many different periods so rather than just being 'another' castle it had info about various era's including Roman, Saxon, Norman, Napoleonic and both world wars, as I say very informative!
I did manage to persuade Ruth that it would be a good idea to go and look at some orchids close by after the we managed to get a new plant species in the form of Early Spider Orchid, great little flowers they were too!


  1. Eh up mate, how are things going, what are you up to these days. Finally the wind has changed and a few stuff has arrived. 2 temm stints, curlew sand, wood sand and spot fly today. Confirmed the bittern nest yesterday - 1st one for 2 years. Hope you and Ruth are well and we should really meet up over the summer. Not been to Kent before so should come and see the sites. Saved your blog to favs so will keep in touch.


  2. Hi Paul, Sorry I have just seen your comment. Ruth and I are good, settling into Kent life now and much happier now that the sun has come out. Birds are still a little slow here, we need a gooden to lift some spirits, but the orchids and moths are just getting going so there is enough to keep us occupied. Congrats on the BI nest! You and Rachel are most welcome to stay over here at any time if you want to come and explore Kent.
    All the best- Ben