Saturday, 8 May 2010

Grus grus

I had to check the stock at X this morning so set off without my camera due to the rainy weather, I got as far as my van when the male Bullfinch put in an appearance in the garden, so decided on getting the camera after all. This proved to be a good choice as I would have been slightly annoyed had I not taken it. 5 mins later I had a new plant at X- Lords and Ladies/Cuckoo Pint, photo below, an interesting plant which is usually more obvious when full of red berries but equally distinctive and odd at this time of the year.
A grey heron has been in the same place every day for the past week or so, so when I saw a neck poking out of the vegetation I did not think twice about calling it a heron....until it took off, then I saw that it was in fact a Common Crane! While reprimanding myself for a miss id of epic proportions I managed to take a few shots of the bird as it disappeared in the worth marsh direction. Its funny how a single good bird can brighten up even the dullest of days, wish it could happen more often though.
If the cloud remains and wind stays light I shall attempt to catch a moth or two tonight, who knows there may be some out there!


  1. Great find at 'Site X' :))
    Ha.......& I found your site as well!

  2. Possibly a good find for you too then!

  3. Possibly....................:)