Sunday, 16 May 2010

National moth night

Yesterday afternoon was cloudy and quite mild, almost warm so all was looking good for an evening of mothing, unfortunately as dusk approached the clouds cleared and a cold breeze started! I stayed with the MV from 9-10.45 and did not see a single moth, so feeling a little deflated went to bed. This morning I was up at 5 and quite glad not to see a frost, I checked the actinic in the garden-nothing in there at all. At X however I was quite pleased to see at least some signs of moths, a total of 6 moths . Eyed Hawkmoth, Early grey, Clouded bordered brindle (2), Swallow prominent and a single Muslin moth. All in all not a terrible night but NMN is usually a little more exciting, maybe it should be a bit later in the year next year....particularly if we want more people to get interested in moths!
Still on the bright side it was the best night of the year so far...Mid May- 6 moths, oh dear!!
Moan over now.
I think I have managed to identify some of the micros from yesterday, I believe them to be Micropterix calthella (5) and Adela rufimitrella (152) ?

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