Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dragons at X

I had a good walk around X this morning in the hope of finding some micro moths, There were large numbers of Variable, blue tailed and large red damselflies as well as my first Azure damsels of the year. I also found a single Hairy Dragonfly Exuviae, which is a 'new' confirmed breeding species for Reserve X.
I did come across the damselfly below and immidiately thought it was a male variable, however on closer inspection i'm not so sure its that simple. This damsel shows an interesting mark on S1-2 which I have never seen before, particularly the spikes on the bottom end, the antehumerals are also unbroken, completely so on one side and the other has a very tiny join. Another interesting point is the central stripe on the abdomen, this is more usual in females than males.
So pro female points-unbroken antehumerals, stripe down centre, egg on underside of body??
Pro male points- intense blue colour, male S1-2 marking.
I must remember that their name is Variable damselfly but this one is taking it a little far!
I have requested comments from Dragonflies-uk yahoo group so hopefully it will be solved soon.
Click on images to enlarge them.

Notice the S1-2, antehumerals and median stripe

Is that an egg under the thorax??

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