Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry

I managed to wangle a day off due to Toil today and what a lovely day it was too, bright, sunny and warm. I arrived at Grove Ferry at about 8am and walked the full circuit getting back to the car at 1ish, I took it pretty slowly looking at birds, moths, dragonflies and insects.
Birds- 58 species in total, highlights; 2Kingfishers, 8 bearded tits, 1 Nightingale, a pair of Gargany, 6 marsh harriers and about 30 Hobby's. Amazingly high density of Cetti's warblers too, I probably heard at least 20-30 this morning.
Dargonflies- Variable (40+), Blue tailed(10) and Azure (7) damselflies as well Banded demoiselle(4) and Hairy dragonfly(14), Four spotted chaser(2) and a probable Broad bodied chaser, it looked freshly emerged however did not last more than 10 secs in the air thanks to a Reed bunting!
Insect wise- too many to record! Common froghoppers were everywhere as well as many hundreds of grasshopper nymphs.
I'm currently processing the few micros I caught...update later.
The best part of the day was seeing and more importantly hearing the Marsh frogs, they were everywhere and their eruptive calls never fail to remind me of the Med.
To Ben and the guys at NE, good job at Stodmarsh, the place is looking great, I particularly liked the boardwalk, a great way to get closer to the reedbed bird species as well as dragons and Marsh frogs.
PS last nights moth trap in the garden produced;
1 Eyed Hawkmoth
1 Poplar Hawkmoth
1 Pebble Prominent
2Common Quaker
.....still poor!

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  1. Thanks,Ben - glad you had a good visit in glorious sunshine!