Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Increasing but getting slower....

With 123 species under my belt at the Mid Yare I think that additions will be a lot slower from now on! I am just 16 species less than I was at the end of last year but I am 56 points behind- that just shows what sort of quality the 16 species need to be.
Looking through my list of possibles for this year I am missing just a few taht I would expect to see at some point throughout the year - Greenshank, Crane, wheatear, Yellowhammer, spot fly, Crossbill, wood sand, osprey and little stint. After these species I'll need proper rarities!

At the end of March I was both top and bottom of the patchbirding East Anglia inland League -1st on species and points but last on comparative scores, essentially it means I'm doing really well but to beat last years score I need a lot of luck- with find points for Savi's and Marsh Warblers as well as Caspian Tern RB Merg, Eider etc 2012 was a good year for the fen.

I'm off out now to do a Bittern survey so hopefully something will present itself, I'd settle for Savis or Nightingale ;-)

I must admit I am really enjoying this patchbirding competition, it puts a whole new meaning to going out on the reserve. I keep a list every year but it means a lot more this year- if nothing else it is showcasing the Mid Yare Valley reserves and all they have to offer and being on top of the East Anglian inland patches  makes me appreciate living on it all the more!!

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  1. Hi Ben

    Just to say that I saw Tony Jolley at Pegwell yesterday (Sunday 4th May) and he asked me to send you his regards ... 'hoo ha ha ha' etc. It's the first time that I've laid eyes on him since he retired three and half years ago.