Friday, 12 April 2013

Bog burpers return

A Bittern survey last night produced 2 birds making some sounds. One can only be described as grunting but the other managed a few soft booms too.
Its such a great sound to hear and already I have heard twice as many as last year on the reserve! I just hope the water levels dont muck things up this year as they did last year with drought- flood- drought- flood cycle.
Apart from the Bitterns (and greylags, bloody noisy things!) the fen was quiet, I was hoping for a few hirrundines to come in and roost as they usually do in late March, but it was not to be.

Ps I think my camera is working again so will hopefully add more images to future posts. I have been camera-less for about 2 months now and have not really missed it that much, good to get back to birding basics and not get annoyed about missing a good shot, but enjoying watching the event through better optics. Still spring and summer with moths and dragonflies and dare I say it a few migrant birds may change camera usage
Still on 111 on the patch list- got to be a lot of migrants to add soon! Fingers crossed for another 5 species by Sunday afternoon!

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