Monday, 15 April 2013


That is supposed to be the sound of a med gull, of which there were at least three on the reserve today- 2 adults (a pair??) and a second summer. Very nice of them to show well for a change at Strumpshaw.

Other than that I picked up a female Garganey(122) flying in with a female Teal, happy to have noticed the difference in a brief flight view. It certainly didn't win any prizes for attractiveness but was a good id comparison with female Teal for the volunteers.

A Ring Ouzel briefly alighted on the riverbank scrub, seen by Ian but didnt stick around unfortunately, not an easy bird in the Md-Yare but I hope to get one at some point in the year! Lots of Sedgies, Blackcaps(123) and Willow Warblers all over the place now- a great sound of spring!

This little Weasel decided to pose for a quick photo before running almost through my legs and up the path!


  1. Until the past week I had never seen a med gull in TG30 square (Mid-Yare valley.
    Have now seen three!

    Picked out the second summer Sunday and the two adults on Monday.

    Struggled to pick out and then to age the immature bird on Sunday. Second summer fits the bird I saw.

    I think the two adults were a pair. Roosting together until 115pm Monday. Woke up and flew around together from 120 to 125 when both left the Tower Hide roost.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have had Med gull the past 2 Aprils at Strumpshaw, but only because I am there all the time, they often just fly over calling Its good to finally get them on the ground. I have included (just above) my poor shot of the subad Med on Saturday evening, probably the same individual as you saw.
    Cheers- Ben