Friday, 10 May 2013

A few more good additions

A great couple of weeks at the fen has seen my total rise to 138, 2 full on patch ticks in the form of a cracking subad male Monty's harrier this morning and a all too brief Nightingale yesterday morning. Other additions included a Turtle Dove and 2 Cranes. Finally a few 3 pointers to up my points total!

A few dodgy pics of this mornings harrier, fantastic bird showed so well, if only i hadn't taken my camera out of my bag this morning!- photos taken with my phone :(


  1. Further to your Bird Forum post:

    Yes. It could be something else.

    For me, from the photos too, it's unidentified.

  2. Cheers Steve-
    They do seem quite tricky in this age/plumage- not a lot of reference material for 1st summers/2nd cal yr birds in any of my books or even on the net (that I can find anyway!).