Thursday, 16 October 2014

Yellow browed warblers?

Yesterday I used up a days TOIL and headed out to the East coast.
My first stop was Yarmouth Cemetery. It was feeling quite birdy in the cemy at first light with robins and redwings passing over in numbers with the occasional brambling thrown in, chiffchaffs were also more evident than they have been in previous visits. As I walked around the churchyard I noticed a couple of blackcaps, tits, crests and chiffys at the top of a sycamore tree so waited a little while to see what else was in the flock. This decision paid off as I got onto a yellow browed wabler, it was silent and quite tricky to see well, but I managed to get a couple of shots as seen below. It was a shame the bird did not call as it was very much darker all over than the usual crisp look of a ybw, especially the undeparts, the brow was more yellow/buff than yellow and the cheek was also quite a bit darker giving almost a masked look to it, you can also just about make out a slight crown stripe in the images, I didnt notice this in the field. It was not the brightest of mornings so that may have played a part but even so it was a stikingly dull individual. While I dont think it's Humes, I have not seen Humes before but wonder if they can be identified with any certainty without hearing them call?

I continued around the churchyard without getting too much more of interest so returned to the Sainsburys gate sycammores where I saw another Yellow browed warbler, this one was far more yellow and 'normal' looking, it had yellow brow at least!

I then moved onto winterton and then Waxham. Both places held quite a lot of migrants the highlight at Waxham was standing in the wood while a flock of 60-70 goldcrests passed through, quite a sight and sound, again I cant believe that they were all gold crests, but they were!
So after that excitement I picked Lizzie and Toby up and we went to!

I have another day off tomorrow so may head up North to do the Wells to Gun hill walk, always pleasant and there have been a few birds in the woods,  hopefully some will remain and even better hopefully new ones will be found... The biggy arrives after the fall...apparently so there is still time for me!

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