Monday, 13 October 2014

Wheatear sp ness point

Here is a quick selection of photos from this afternoon.
The Wheatear stood out like a sore thumb amongst 4 Northerns, it was wet, but I cant believe that accounts for all the plumage details seen here.
-very dark backed
-wings dark
-dark beast with clear cut off from white belly
-T in the tail appears to go up the sides, central stripe fades out
-small pale throat
--pale primary tips
interesting white spot in the fold of the wing just under alula.

Photos are poor but shows most of the features I saw in the dim, dog filled field!

Comments most welcome as I'm a little confused by this bird
a rubbish pic but check out the colour compared to the normal northern wheatear in the foreground!


  1. Strange bird! Have you reached a decision yet?

  2. Pager put it out as northern wheatear reidentified from photos. Odd looking bird, certainly got me thinking after a long wet day! Quite a distinctive bird as you can see, the colours looked dark as pictured but it was pretty wet.