Friday, 17 October 2014

Wells to Burnham Ovary Dunes- a good day!

A superb day up at Holkham/Wells area today. I walked from Wells right through to Burnham Ovary Dunes (didnt quite make it to gun hill!) Today I semi found all my own birds, meaning I'd have found them all myself had they not have been reported yesterday! (no one pointed out any birds to me)

Yellow Browed Warblers were certainly the theme of the day with a total of 9 different birds seen, with a possible 10th not counted. lots of dudes trying to see ybw, with them calling all around them without them knowing, so just walking on! 

As I got to BO dunes I looked up to see a superb Rough Legged Buzzard come in off and stall over the dunes quite close to me! While watching it a common buzzard and red kite also joined it briefly.  What a fantastic bird RLB is when seen well, this was possibly bird of the day!

I ate lunch and noticed a great white egret flying over the grazing marsh!

On the way back towards Lady Annes road I bumped into a large tit flock, after 5mins of scanning it I managed to lock bins on a superb Pallas's Warbler, my first for years and the best view I have had. It was too high in the trees for photography but it was so good to find the bird after seeing so many ybw's. I managed to get a few people to look at the flock but I dont think anyone else managed to get on the bird at any other point of the day!

I got back to the car and there was a bit of light left so decided to go and check out the Izzy Shrike at Stifkey, I managed to see it for less than a minute before it went to roost!

A brilliant full day out in the field and most enjoyable.

YBW-9 (poss10)
Pallas's warbler-1
Rough leg-1
Red Kite-2
Goldcrest- loads!
(poss sibe chiffchaff)

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