Sunday, 5 October 2014

If you go down to the fen today....

You will be rewarded with fantastic views of 40-60 Bearded Tits at the river end of sandy wall, Otters have been seen regularly and Kingfishers are feasting on the small Rudd congregating by the sluice.

I don't think I have seen so many people enjoying the wildlife at the fen as I did this morning. Lots of nice positive comments too, including one person saying 'we now know where the best place to be in Norfolk is today! fantastic stuff- the one problem is that the bearded tits gathering symbolises their eruptive behaviour so while its great to see them, it probably means that we are 'losing' many of this years' young as they go and colonise other areas of reedbed. Still a great sight after their demise a couple of winters ago!

The lower image shows a male and female preening each other- Now thats something I have never seen or even ever heard of, but was nice to see this sort of behaviour at close range


  1. Hello Ben, that was myself made that comment, "best place to be in Norfolk", a most enjoyable morning, with cracking views of the Bearded tits :)

  2. Thanks Trevor, made my day to hear that! Glad you enjoyed the beardies, they were certainly performing well!