Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mini Fall

I woke up to heavy rain on the window this morning so went back to sleep fairly swiftly, however when awaking again the sun was just coming out so I grabbed my bins and camera and had a walk around X. As I opened my front door I was confronted with at least 5 singing Chiffchaffs, 4 Blackcaps and a pair of bullfinches…that was just the garden!
At X there was a lot more of the same, no year ticks this morning but there must have been in excess of 30 chiffchaffs and 15 Blackcaps around, as well as the Redpoll flock, 2 Buzzards, the Kestrels were getting intimate and the whole reserve was alive with song. The coast must have been pretty good.
A quick walk in the Worth/Ham area this afternoon after a few beers and a fine win over Man U yielded pretty similar results, 3 buzzards moving North together, a single Swallow and it was good to see a few house Sparrows in the hedgerow, don’t see too many of them in the area

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