Thursday, 15 April 2010

First damsels

A 5am start for a cbc at Pegwell today..although the first stop was reserve x where I had left my newly acquired moth trapping generator from screwfix, I was fairly surprised to see the light still shining, a run time of 7hrs and it was only half empty all this for £70, money well spent so far! Unfortunately there were only hebrew charactors and clouded drabs in the trap but it was a very cold night thanks to the persistent northerly wind.
Onwards to Pegwell where the usual species were seen, although there was 1 year tick in the form of a green sandpiper which dropped in from height to check out the 'new' pools in Stonelees. At least 1 Whimbrel was calling overhead mid morning but not seen.
Heading back to reserve X i was greeted with the sight of emerging Large Red Damselflies, in half an hour I saw at least 16 and managed to find 2 exuviae, which according to the new dragonflies of Kent book, represents the first confirmed breeding (exuviae) in the East Kent coastal area! A fairly long day but nice to get the damsels.

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