Thursday, 29 April 2010

Breeding birds survey and odonata survey

A good days surveying today, birds followed by odes and butterflies, although plenty of paper work this afternoon to make up for it.
This morning there was an obvious increase in migrants with cuckoo, turtle dove, lots of reed warblers, black caps and a single garden warbler. the latter two were singing and fighting over the same territory, a great chance to hear both songs side by side.
Moths have been a bit bleak of late, partially due to my lack of effort but I managed to flush a streamer this morning along with a few micros awaiting id.
The dragonfly survey went fairly well with 4 species- 16 large red, 8 Variable, 4 blue tailed damsels as well as 3 hairy dragonflies. A few more bugs about too.

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