Friday, 28 August 2015

Hovers, garganey, gwe and an unfortunate deer

I had a pleasant day today, I was cutting the trails as the nettles have now started to overhang quite badly. This gave me a good opportunity to get out and about and see what was going on on the reserve.
Sandy wall had a fine Ferdinandea cuprea (my second ever!) also hornet hoverfly yesterday on budlia with a hummingbird hawk moth, which escaped the camera.
Tower Hide held at least 2 garganey, the great white egret, 47 shoveller, 2 wigeon and other common duck species.
 Lackford run held a rather unfortunate immature chinese water deer. there were some odd circumstances surronding its death... essentially it looks like its leg fell off! there is a very clean cut/tear around the leg socket and the leg was just 50cm away from the body, so whatever did it didnt eat any of the flesh it just pulled its leg off and went about its business! I have seen fox, train, car deer kills but this looked quite different, a bit of a mystery, any suggestions welcomed and apologies for the gory pictures!
After moving the deer off the path I had the pleasure of seeing 10-15 willow emerald damselfies, some of which posed reasonably well for their picture to be taken.


  1. Either it was a would-be venison thief who was disturbed / chickened out or an example of alien animal mutilation....

  2. Not sure which of those seems most likely?!
    I'm going with young deer died fox pulled leg off, got disturbed etc but I may be simplifying things to make it easier to deal with!
    There have been various theories on twitter from poachers through to train damage

  3. Hello
    I would say it had been shot, I have seen this type of injury before in Hampshire where deer are shot from deer chairs and then not always collected.

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