Tuesday, 25 August 2015

GWE and a couple of Sarnies

Apologies for lack of updates recently, here is a quick blog with a few sightings from the past week.

On Friday night I was putting the moth trap out when I looked up at the beautiful sunset, it was made all the better as a great white egret came in to roost, it looked pretty stunning in the evening light, the photos dont do it a lot of justice, but gives an idea of the scene.

This morning I was up early and headed to Buckenham in the hope of finding a wood sandpiper (there are loads around at the moment) unfortunately it was not to be. I settled for 2 greenshank, a common sandpiper, 3 tundrae ringed plover and 60+ egyptian geese.
I then headed to work and nipped into tower hide where the great white egret was still in residence, giving a decent showing, but also letting me know that I still need to master the white malance on my camera!

As I was brushcutting the viewpoints along the path, I stopped the engine and suddenly heared the shriek of a sandwich tern! I looked up to see an adult and juvenile fishing in the broad, they stayed for around 10 mins and then headed towards Rockland. This is only my second record for the mid yare reserves so a rare species indeed.

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