Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Feb patchbirding scores

I'm very chuffed with the latest scoreboard, which is up to the end of February.
There is still a fight for the top place in the Inland League but I have the top spot on points (by2) and the other guy at Holbrook on the Suffolk coast is winning on species number (again by2).
Congrats to Jonathan Gibbs- a fantastic 2 month score for Minsmere!
Most surprisingly of all is that I am currently in joint 6th place in the competition overall!

Shows how good the Mid Yare really is throughout the winter months. I just hope the area can compare to some of the coastal sites throughout spring passage, birds like Redstart, nightingale, pied fly, Tree pipt, even ring ouzel (I could mention far more) are all real tricky species in the valley from past experience so will really need to try hard for them when the passage is in full flow.

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