Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The 2013 patch

My patch for 2013

Here is the outline of my patch for the patchbirding competition.
It measures 2.97 square km; although many parts of the above map cannot be walked on ie settling pools at the beet factory these have been included for ease of calculating area in one go.

The patch in more detail;
-All of Strumpshaw Fen, except Bradeston Marsh- standard reedbed species expected here as well as some wildfowl and raptors, hoping to repeat my self found Savis and Marsh warblers of this year for extra points.
-Strumpshaw Wood- woodland species, hoping for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker a would be patch tick.
-Most of Buckenham Marshes- useful while surveying for wildfowl and waders.
-Cantley- as Buckenham- only the riverbank counted in boundary.
-Cantley Beet Factory- could be useful for the all important extra species of waders, good track record of common/scarce species that are tricky even just next door on Cantley marshes (such as Curlew Sandpiper)
-Link road from low road to Buckenham wood- main reason for the inclusion of this is the car park at Buckenham wood, it's a very good vantage point for birds of prey and vis mig etc.
-Rockland Broad- this in the past has produced some diving species that are difficult elsewhere, recently held Red Necked Grebe, Black terns pass through regularly as well as decent Osprey hunting grounds.

So that's it, this year I managed (so far) 148 species, although birding took the back foot while Ruth was pregnant/since Toby has been in this world. Next year I will try and get out more and am looking forward to birding the slightly extended patch to see what it can produce.

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  1. Hi Daddy

    'Toby or not Toby, that is the question?'

    Just found your Blog ... I thought to myself 'I know him' and I will be catching up in the near future. Hope all's well mate and well done with the nipper ... tatty bye ... Phil