Sunday, 2 December 2012

A late afternoon stroll around Strumpy

I managed to get out of the house after a long tiring weekend. Amazing evening, nice and cold and calm with a beautiful sunset and 51 species noted.
The Waxwings are still present around sandy wall, some have been there every day now for over a month, far better than last years (20ish) one day record flock. Also saw Kingfisher, Otter, Barn Owl and quite a few Marsh Harriers, a (poor) roost of 1300 Starlings were out done by the sunset.

Also if anyone is interested I have joined twitter: @ben_lewis_uk

I have also joined the patchbirding competition for next year, a map of the patch will feature here soon, I'm looking forward to seeing what the Mid Yare Valley really has to offer!

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