Monday, 30 July 2012

Strumpshaw Bioblitz

Last week saw a lot of specialist come to Strumpshaw to help us try to record as many species as possible.
It was good fun listing like a maniac for a week and we did various events for families and individuals alike, which saw a lot of people take a look at taxa they may not usually notice.
I will update more results as they come in but currently the list stands at a whopping 1004!
My main contributionwas the Moths of which I recorded over 200 species, with help from dad, thanks! It is a shame the nights were so clear, the final two nights had more cloud cover and the number of micros increased dramatically. A brief photo documentation of the weeks moths and others.....

Is the vole a water vole? Taken at Winterton Dunes?? 

Double Kidney

Small Red Eyed Damselfly

Candy-stripe Spider


  1. It's a Candy-stripe Spider


  2. Nice one, cheers Tim, had to have a name like that with those colours.


  3. Some good stuff there. I'll be coming to the public moth event on Aug 12th, so if you could catch some reedbed specialities then, that would be great ;-)


  4. looks like a water vole to me Ben

  5. I'll put a trap in the reedbed James don't worry hopefully get a selection of Wainscots to work out, I'll also one in the woods for some variation too.

    Cheers Paul, just thought it was a bit of an odd place for a Water vole being on a dune slack at Winterton.