Sunday, 15 July 2012


Ruth and I finally had a chance to catch up with the red veined darters at Kelling today and we pounced on the chance given that the sun was supposed to be shining brightly.
After an hrs wait the sun came out and all of a sudden there were darters and skimmers all over the place, getting one to stay still was the tricky part. Eventually one was seen not too far away and a few dodgy snaps were taken, enough to add an overdue british ode to my list. 
A packed lunch on the shingle and a breif seawatch (not a lot going on but a good movement of Cormorants were heading West). We passed the RVD spot again and one was perching nicely which offered a better view including the blue lower eyes, the sun being in the wrong direction is my excuse for more poor shots!
On the way back we nipped briefly to Buxton Heath for the first time. What a cracking place, in need of exploring at length on the next sunny day I can spare.
I took the time to try one of my targets for this year- to start id'ing grasshoppers and crickets
Below are some of the pics taken and hopefully identified correctly. please let me know if I'm wrong, I'm not so sure about the Field Grasshoppers so could do with a point in the right direction!

Mottled Grasshopper female

Mottled Grasshopper male

Bog bush cricket

Field Grasshopper?

Field Grasshopper?

Field Grasshopper?

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