Thursday, 19 July 2012

Caspian Tern

After receiving a text and phone call on Tuesday to let me know that there was a casp present at Strumpy I was hoping that it wouldn't disappear  too early the following morning. Arriving on site earlyish I found that the bird had been present early morning but had gone toward Rockland/Buckenham. I emptied the moth trap and set to Tower Hide to try my luck.
Half way to Tower Hide I had a 2 second view through the trees of a bird that had to be the tern, I ran to the next view point and sure enough I could see the fantastic Caspian Tern fishing in front of the hide. If I were in the hide I'd have had very good views and probably some half decent photos...but I wasn't unfortunately. The bird flew back past me after a few mins, where I was able to take some record shots. Very happy to connect with such a bird on my reserve, this is my second Caspian Tern after an individual just south of Kings Lynn about 3-4 years ago. Mid Yare has got a pretty good rarity list so far this year, well for an inland site its pretty good.
Obligatory dodgy photos below- Not that I think it would pose a headache for the rarity panel!

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