Saturday, 21 May 2011

Norfolk Hawkers and Swallowtails + a waspbee to id

Just had a Norfolk Hawker in the 'garden' a nice surprise and slightly unexpected seeing as there is no water very close by. Had a day off yesterday in which I did my volunteer farmland bird survey at a farm on the river Ant, a good survey, nothing unexpected but nice to go somewhere different. On the way home I stopped off at a private site to have a look at some dragonflies and anything else that appeared.

The day list included all the regularly seen odes, firsts for the year for me included Norfolk Hawker and a few Emperors, there were stacks of Hairy, Red eyed, Variable, Blue tailed and Azure Damselflies, they seemed to be absolutely everywhere as well as 4 spotted chasers.

A few photos to show off some nice odes and Swallowtails, click to enlarge

Finally can anyone ID this Wasp, or is it some sort of nomad bee? It was on the Fen S of the river and looks like it could be interesting, well it could be.

EDIT: It is Argogorytes mystaceus

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