Saturday, 4 June 2011

Poor effort, I know

Lack of blog updates recently is due to the fact that I am getting married tomorrow! I'm still alive, I just have had other things to sort out.

Last weekend I managed to see the broad Billed Sandpiper at Breydon water, satisfactory views, but a little on the distant side. It was a new uk bird for me so was a surprise bonus, i managed to fit it in before getting my wedding suit at 10 from Norwich so was quite pleased with myself.
Annoyingly I am aware of another 'tick' out there in Norfolk somewhere, everyone seems to have seen it but I still have not asked the right people about its location, supposedly a 'private' site. Lots of people have trespassed if that's the case, I could well be wrong, we DO need to protect these species' in decline so hush hush is the right approach, its just very annoying when everyone is saying how great the bird was and then even putting loads of photos up on public sites. I'll have to find my own I guess, there is still time.

On another note I'm looking forward to a week in Dorset next week, hopefully will pick up some of the specialities such as Southern and Scarce blue tailed damselflies as well as the classic heathland birds, and moths(?)

I leave you with some classic images of Azure Damselflies, in the first there seems to be an in depth conversation occuring between two males, or possibly a bit of a punch up! (zoom in for full effect)