Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pink haze

As i woke up this morning I was just stretching when I recieved a text from a colleague telling me there was a rather interesting bird at Strumpshaw. I rubbed my eyes again got my things together and was off.
I was met by the sight of a Greater Flamingo right in front of Tower Hide, even though I knew it was the escape that has been roaming the countries RSPB reserves. It originated from a zoo in Hampshire so has 'migrated' a fair distance throughout its romp in the wilds.

Perhaps better than the flamingo (certainly in terms of origin) was a great drake Gargany right in the middle of the Tower hide pool, a welcome and overdue addition to my Strumpshaw list.

Also on the reserve (apparently) was a great white egret, I only saw little, also a Glossy Ibis flew over and landed in the same pool the flamingo frequented. I did not find out about that until gone five which was a bit of a let down, although I was busy so I'd have missed it anyway. I should imagine the Glossy Ibis will be at Buckenham or Cantley tomorrow if it still in the area as these seem to be the wettest places around.

And finally a couple of nice micros found in the morning sun; 1361- Pyausta aurata and 649 Esperia sulphurella

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