Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend ramblings

Well, the offer of the double twitch was duly accepted, so on Satudray Oxfordshire and London were on the agenda. It was a horrible day, raining for 90% of the time we were out birding however it all started well. We arrived at Chipping Norton and walked from the car park to the 'open house', bird was immediately seen through the scope between 2 houses. Taking the decision to pay a fiver due to the fact that the bird was showing well was a good one! We walked into the relatively empty kitchen and saw the bird fly straight towards us, there it was a Rufous turtle dove 10 metres away! then bins steamed up due to the heat, onto camera...steamed up! my trusty ed50 on shoulder pod came to the rescue, not steamed up at all, so while everyone was busy trying to look through steamed up optics I was enjoying the bird at 20x... very nice indeed! Poor pics due to poor photographer, indoors, double glazing and view finder steamed up, still id'able though.

Onto Rainham..the less said about that the better. Needless to say we didnt see the gull although it was claimed several times but no one saw anyone who had seen the bird. Maybe it was there but everyone seemed sceptical after it disappeared from a pool which c30 birders were looking at constantly without anyone seeing the bird. Also a report came from the tip while we were the only ones watching from the location put out.. ?
In short a few reports were made of the bird while we were there but no one had seen it.

A few other shots from the past few weeks below.

Taiga Beans over the Beet factory, quite an iconic image

Stoat checking me out

Ring necked (HSK) 'wild' Greylag from Orkney

Aganoptrix sp? any ideas??

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