Monday, 14 February 2011

6th time lucky LEO!

Finally I managed to connect with the Long Eared Owl which has been present at Strumpshaw since the new year. As the title suggests I have tried 5 times prior to tonight, but this time the weather was perfectly still and calm.
Just as it was about to get pitch black a bird flew over the river, its reflection the only thing that was visible, however brief it clearly was flapping as a Long Eared Owl should do and looked the right size. Being beyond dusk I thought that may be attempt 6 over and done with, with a brief possible sighting. However I looked up to see that the bird was perched in some scrub luckily silhouetted against the bright sky, it stayed there looking in my direction for about 30 seconds then took off the moonlight highlighting the wings, if there were a white trailing edge it would have been quite visible so I'm happy.

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