Monday, 7 February 2011

quick stroll around Strumpy

Lack of updates has mostly been due to the lack of effort in going birding recently. Lots of chainsawing at work so sitting on the sofa has been a good remedy for the weekends!

I did get out and have a walk on Sunday morning, it was still very windy but mild and bright cloud rather than the dull dreary stuff we have had recently. Birdwise it was fairly quiet with the undoubted highlight being a Jay. No ordinary Jay however, this Jay was quite clearly looking at me going Twit twoo, it had a perfect imitation of a Tawny Owl, it had me fooled for a while as I convinced myself it was mobbing a Tawny but a closer look made me realise what was going on...most odd.
I had good views of the Dog Otter on the River too, perhaps the best views I have ever had of an Otter, I was crouching on the river bank down wind of this one which no doubt helped a lot!

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