Monday, 6 December 2010

Not a massive amount to report in the past week, hence lack of postings. The snow seems to have missed the Norwich area which was a bonus, didn't fancy getting snowed in all week, it has been below freezing all week though.
I have been out and about in the Strumpshaw area adding Mealy Redpoll to the patch list, Bitterns are still being seen flying about over the reedbed, Otters are similarly evident and the Penduline Tit is possibly still about, I have heard it but not yet seen the little blighter.
Friday's survey of Buckenham and Cantley saw very little apart from 78 White fronted geese and a ringtail Hen Harrier, which luckily were both showing very well.
I went to Wells on Saturday to dip another Humes Yellow Browed Warbler, another bird that I seem to have difficulty connecting with. I did however see 11 Mealy Redpolls, 4 Woodcock and a single Northern Bullfinch, the highlight of the walk was a Sunstar on the strand line, the first I have seen in Norfolk.

Day off today and I seem to have picked another dull damp misty day, I'll get blue sky one day off! Just walked around Strumpshaw and watched an Otter breaking the ice in front of Fen hide for 20 mins, amazing how strong they are, too misty for decent shots unfortunately. Also on show were 3 Weasels and a Stoat along sandy Wall and continuing the non bird theme a few rats were munching on some apples by the river bank, apart from that it was business as usual.

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