Friday, 31 December 2010

New year

Well what a year it has been for many reasons.
The best parts of 2010 have been moving back to Norfolk, getting engaged and generally feeling ready and able to settle down where I am.

The wildlife highlights are as follows;

-Adding a few uk ticks- White Tailed Plover, Isabelline Wheatear, Arctic Warbler (Northern Bullfinch), Northern Harrier
-Self found ticks include a possible wild Lesser White-fronted Goose, Common Rosefinch, Glaucous Gull, Fan tailed warbler (re-find).
-Lots of new moths including some good migrants while in Kent putting my moth list up to 502.
-Finding a colony of Southern Emerald Damselflies in Kent
-Finding the first breeding population of Willow Emeralds in Norfolk
-Increasing my dragonfly list to 32

In 2011 I have a few goals,
-The old favourites are to find Savi's, Marsh and Icterine Warblers in Norfolk/Suffolk, all of which are overdue UK ticks.
-See 130 bird species at Strumpshaw Fen(I think this is a fair target but will reassess if needed).
-Get my bird year list back up to the 250 mark, should be very do-able in Norfolk.
-Aim to get 500 species of moth in the year and really get to grips with micros.
-Add 3 species of dragonfly to my UK list.
-Start identifying Hoverflies and Grasshoppers/Crickets
As well as all this Ruth and I intend on getting married so it could be a very busy year indeed.

I have enjoyed writing this blog and will continue throughout 2011, more photos and hopefully more interesting stuff too

Happy new year to all readers, have a good year

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