Sunday, 28 November 2010

November Moths

Just to prove that it can be worth setting the moth trap in November here are some of the moths that can be caught in early/mid November. Not trapped in the last couple of weeks due to v cold nights but have still seen the odd winter moth about.

A combination of 3 nights trapping in early November saw the following in the trap;

Mottled Umbar- 11
November moth sp- 88*
Merveille du jour- 2
Feathered thorn- 27
Red Green Carpet- 2
Large Wainscot- 10
Yellow lined Quaker- 10
December Moth- 2
Spruce Carpet-1
Chestnut- 1
Beaded Chestnut-1

Not bad at all considering the temperatures

Red Green Carpet ------------- Spruce Carpet

Mottled Umbar ----------------Chestnut

Merveille du jour

Green brindled crescent---------- Red-Line Quaker

December Moth

* The very similar group of November Moths are beyond me, I aggregate them to Nov moth sp, in reality they could be November, pale November or Autumnal moth. They look so similar by the time they have warn that without checking their goolies I cant be sure, I would have thought the top left image could be different to the other two but it could just be the difference between male/female or fresh/warn. Any tips or comments??

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