Sunday, 14 November 2010

weekend wanderings

A fairly chilled weekend, nice not to do too much for a change!
Saturday I went just up the road to Ranworth Broad, not having seen it at this time of the year I was suitably impressed by the number of ducks. I didnt count them all but there were fairly good numbers of tufty's Wigeon, Teal as well as a single female Common Scoter, female Ring Necked Duck flew over with tuftys briefly and the woods held decent numbers of Redpoll and siskin.

I decided to check out the Alders at Cockshoot broad which I seem to remember being good for Redpoll (in the spring at least). Unfortunately the river had other ideas, it was in flood mode and even with wellies on I couldnt walk along the road to the boardwalk! The signs 'Road liable to flooding' came very true. Nipped into Sainsbury's for some essentials on the way home and got 50+ Waxwings.
Sunday- I decided to check out what Lowestoft had to offer, there have been a few Northern LT tits present as well as a Pallas's or 2. i managed a couple of Firecrest's and lots of Chiffchaffs, not a lot else though.
Yet again a Pallas's escapes my binoculars, Its a bit of a bogey bird for me, which is beginning to really annoy me to be honest! I have tried for a few and only ever managed to see a yellow rump dissapearing into the braken at halfway house, blakeney, not the best view of a little gem. Luckily I have been to China so have seen hundreds very well indeed. I'll get one properly in uk one day!

On the way back home I couldnt resist a look at the Yarmouth Waxwings seeing as it was a detour of 3 mins. Light was absolutely rubbish so pics are not great but always a joy to see 80+ Waxwings!

Hopefully the water levels will go down soon, Strumpshaw has come up by 13cm this weekend and I'm cutting reed all week, its going to be a wet one.

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