Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Red Flanked Bluetail

I had to drop Ruth off at work at 6am so it was an early start to my day off, unfortunatley I had to pick her up again at 2 so had a limited time out.

I arrived at shangri La cottage in the pitch black, dawn soon came and I walked down to the pipe dump with John a BF regular. John left early, so I carried on toward the campsite, I managed 1 Ring Ouzel and 5 Lapland Buntings flew over. I decided to go back to the bluetail area and sat in the middle of a copse. All looked as if the bird had disappeared until it perched on the log I was sitting on about 2feet away!! The bird was still very present. I spent the next 2 hrs with the bird, great to have the chance to study the critter at such close range, binoculars were optional, 1 photo below almost has got my shoe in it (where the bt is looking up at the camera).
Next stop after thoroughly checking all the bushes on the way back was Winterton where there were more chiffys about and a Black Restart on top of the restaurant. The time camer where I had to head back to Norwich and at that moment the drizzle came!!! Wish I could have stayed in the field in the rain, I bet a lot of stuff came in.
Great day, great bird.

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