Friday, 16 July 2010

I have added far to many moth species since my update to name them all so will pick out the highlights and add a few photos to go along with them. As soon as a backlog forms its very difficult to update with any regularity.

So my moth list for 2010 stands at Exactly 300 (as of yesterday)
In Wales I added a few to my UK list, it would have been a lot more had the weather allowed me to put the trap on more than twice.
UK ticks included;
Beautiful Snout
Bordered White
Marbled White Spot
Foxglove pug
Barred Red
Ashworths Rustic
Chimney Sweeper
Grey Arches
Beautiful Golden Y

General mothing in the garden recently has turned up a few nice species including;
Small mottled willow
Scarlet Tiger
Lunar Spotted Pinion
Poplar Kitten
Lilac Beauty
Leopard Moth
Ruddy Carpet
Stathmopoda pedella

It seems like there are many more I could add but this gives a general idea, I have barely mentioned a micro, there have been quite a lot and as this is my first year of 'doing' micros most are new, some are time consuming!
Click on the photos to enlarge and the name should be in the top bar

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