Monday, 12 July 2010

3 new dragons for me

Our cottage was on the left bank just out of sight

I managed to get three new species of dragonfly while in Wales and Norfolk. Not bad considering the weather was pretty rough, 2 days of constant rain and the others being sunny but windy I was pleased with what I got.
The first new for me was the near mythical Common Hawker, I say this because I have been looking for this species for the past 3 years (obviously in the wrong places!). While walking up Snowdon I went through a small pine wood and found this beauty patrolling, trying to get my bins to follow the movement was pretty difficult but I had my suspicions it was a common (or uncommon as it may be) finally it settled on a rock for me to observe and photograph...great stuff, I'll probably see loads in Devon later in the month, still good to get one now!

The second new species for me was a Golden Ringed Dragonfly, the daddy of all species in this country surely (well, the UK). This specimen was flying around a disused coal barn high on the moors quite far from water, luckily this species was 'on the list' before I even focussed on it, no doubting the ID of this one!

The final new species was slightly more dainty than the 2 above and came from a brief visit to a well known and quite interesting Norfolk location. The Small Red Damselfly, I managed to see about 10 of these tiny damsels in about an hours visit. I have tried before at this location and failed so was very happy to get this in my viewfinder.

Other dragonflies seen in Wales included Keeled Skimmer, Blue tailed Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Broad bodied chaser and black tailed skimmer, not great but the weather was partially against me and I didn't know the best sites in the area.

Norfolk yielded Scarce and Common Emerald next to each other which was quite a nice comparison and always a bit of a photo stop.

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