Saturday, 5 June 2010

Not much going on here

I thought I'd try to will some birds out of hiding by giving this post the above title, an old colleague said the same thing a couple of days ago and today they had 5 Black winged stilts and a gull billed tern on the reserve! So naff all down here at the moment, however, it is very cloudy outside now and due to stay above 15 degrees all night so the moth trap should be good tonight AND its due to rain in the early hours of the morning so I will most certainly be out and about early in the morning to find any grounded migrants on offer, it is early June and it has already thrown up some megas throughout the UK, to be honest I'd be over the moon with an Icterine warbler, seems as if I am destined to continue missing this species!
I have had a few nice moths in the garden trap throughout the week and am now up to 111 species for the year, a steady climb and something new every time I have trapped, which is nice.

Below is a rather good looking Mullein, a 2nd for me.


  1. Don't worry mate I missed the tern showing people moths. Thankfully it just flew straight through so not many people got it. The Hawk is away at the moment so he is going to be gutted if the stilts bugger off! Hopefully they will as I can't bare him banging off about Sammy again.

  2. Ah well, cant win em all I suppose, still 5 stilts, not bad at all! Unlucky Hawk, exceptional timing to be away, he will talk about Sammy weather he sees them or not, after all it is Sammy back with his mates ;)