Saturday, 20 March 2010

Early morning stroll

Having been woken up fairly early I decided to have a walk around Worth Marshes, its just opposite my house so has the added benefit of no car involved. It was overcast, windy and fairly damp underfoot but the Firecrest was still singing in the garden as I left. about half an hour later I had another Firecrest singing away at Roaring Gutter closely followed by the Great White Egret that has been in the area for some time now. Apart from these two there was sod all worth a mention, a nice walk all the same.

Great 'Grey' Egret


  1. Hello Ben just found your blog - good luck with it mate and I'll put a link via my blog to yours. Nice Glauc not that regular these days.

  2. Thanks Barry, I'll see if I can work out how to link your blog in return. I thought I should keep a record of my sightings since I'm out and about every day