Friday, 19 March 2010

And so it all begins

I have decided to keep a blog of my sightings, outings and general daily life in Kent working on a nature reserve. So no time like the present....

This morning was pretty overcast and the Chiffchaff singing in my garden showed that there may have been a bit of movemet last night. The Alpine Swift on Thannet (that I did not see) agreed with that fact. A busy day working meant that nothing worth noting was seen, until I was locking the Pegwell hide. I managed to have a little look at the mud, there seemed to be waders everywhere including 72 Sanderling, a flock of 16 Brents landed closeby all dark bellied but the first I ave seen in the bay for a little while. All of a sudden my eyes clamped onto a coffee coloured gull with a stonking black tipped pink bill, GLAUCOUS GULL! It made a nice change from tring to ID Caspians at some distance. To top it off as I got out of my van when home I had a FIRECREST singing away opposite my front door, not a bad end to a busy day.

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