Monday, 7 May 2018

American Bittern

On 24th April I decided to go and have a second look at the American Bittern. I did see it in flight with a Great Bittern the day after it was identified, however a flight view was not quite sufficiant for me. 
I started work at 5am so had the latter part of the afternoon off. It rained the whole way to Carlton Marshes until I parked! I arrived at the small crowd and learnt that the bittern had been seen in flight briefly a few times in the past 4 hrs but not very well. Things didnt sound great. I got to the ditch that the bird had been showing in the previous few days and set up my scope, lifted my binoculars and found the bittern staring back at me.. result! it then walked straight towards us fishing as it went, then swam accross the ditch and started walking away. In all I was watching it for about 25mins and it offered fantastic views. If it had of ben a great bittern showing this well I'd of been very happy, but the fact that this was an American Bittern was even better!
I got back to the car and it started raining again, it did so all the way home too! 
So as twitches go it was pretty much perfect, great weather, zero waiting time, point blank views and some nice photos to show for it all.

In other news.... I found my third Savi's Warbler at Strumpshaw Fen on Saturday morning from Fen Hide, my first bit of birding on the reserve in ages without a group and I was very kindly rewarded!!