Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Southern migrant hawker

On my way to Dungeness I nipped home as it was en route, I also had the chance to finally catch up with a new dragonfly...Southern migrant hawker.
The habitat, wedged between a tidal creek and busy Canvey Island road, did not exactly shine as being overly interesting, but the rushy ditch was certainly very appealing for the SMH. I got there quite early as wanted to spend the majority of the day at Dunge, I managed to find at least ten SMH's in around half an hour, one of which I found before it saw me (they were quite flighty, especially when warmed up).
As soon as I saw one in flight, I instantly knew I had got lucky, the amazing blue eyes, thorax side and very blue abdomen really stands out, far more even than the photos show. A truely stunning dragonfly, I hope they follow others and spread a little further North, would very much like to see these again.


  1. Colour me green!
    I know Canvey really well: this Wat T, right? Back in the early 70's I played in a number of Canvey / Southend based bands.... Salad days!

  2. Sounds fun. This was in a creek between benfleet station and Canvey Way, although I think they can be found all over the area including the new canvey rspb reserve and wat Tyler area.

  3. Stunning was rather annoyed at the wet and windy conditions when I visited the week after didn't check said ditch but failed to connect at WT

  4. That is unfortunate, at least they appear to be doing well in that area so hopefully you will have another chance at some is worth the visit, especially if combined with another twitch ;)