Thursday, 24 March 2016

gentilis minor

After at least four years without much joy of lesser spotted woodpeckers in the Brecks; Ive had flight views and heard it calling/drumming only in that period. Yesterday I went on my annual spring Brecks visit and connected with this cracking little woodpecker.
As seems to be the way recently, I left a few people watching the location that it has been seen recently in the hope of finding it somewhere else.... as soon as I went to water the plants it flew into the tree I was next to! It was drumming well and called a few times too, I forgot how soft the drumming was, you cant hear it at distance like a great spot. I watched it for around 10 mins and managed to phone someone who was at the other location and got them on it too.

Other good bits from the day included the great grey shrike, fantastic views of firecrest (but poor shots), two male goshawks displaying at close quarters (one with a few missing secondaries), a crossbill calling and a few mandarin ducks. I had such a nice day I may be tempted to another visit in a few weeks to catch up on the bits I didnt get time to look for, hawfinch, golden pheasant, stone curlew and woodlark to name a few missing.

(photo from previous visit)

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