Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Brief update

Just a few bit and bobs I have seen over the bank holiday weekend, I was working on Saturday and Monday, however I was out and about so it wasnt all bad!

The highlight (apart from the Pec which is still present) was the appearance of three White Wagtails at Buckenham. These are my first White Wags for the Mid Yare! I have seen some birds before which have most probably been this ssp, but have not been confident enough to (sub)tick them, but these three were close enough to scope and id as two males and a female.

The escaped White Stork is still finding the reserve to its liking, its happily feeding in the footdrains around Buckenham and Cantley. The small ring is obvious in this pic, but at distance it would be hard to see!

Other than these a Kingfisher was showing nicely in the gloom this morning in front of Fen Hide, a Cuckoo was singing along the riverbank, Bittern booming, 100's of swifts, swallows and martins and there were plenty of harriers milling about trying to dry off after a wet night. I found another Bearded Tit nest in front of Fen Hide, however this afternoons gusty winds may well have put an early end to it. It does make me wonder how they could possibly survive with the reeds being blown horizontally!

Finally my annual attempts to get semi decent shots of Hobby has once again started, this is my starting effort, better to come...

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