Friday, 23 January 2015

Rough Leg, bright morning!

I decided to have a look at the Rough Legged Buzzard that has been hanging around Halvergate bridge this morning. turned out to be a good plan. I had the bird to myself for about an hour. At first it was sitting ona post straight into the strong sunlight, it looked good on shape more than anything! it then started hunting and from my car vantage point it came pretty close. Absolutely stunning scope and binocular views, ...if only I had a DSLR! I'd have got some pretty good shots with a better camera, but I was very happy to watch such an awsome bird at close quarters and am pleased with some of the shots.


  1. Thanks David, a bit of luck. Super bird to watch and some of the best views I've ever had of a RLB

  2. Brilliant Ben There something else