Sunday, 25 January 2015

Family time

A very nice weekend with my parents saw a few decent birds. Saturday we had a nice, but quiet walk around the fen. This was followed by a nice redhead Smew at Ormsbury Little Broad along with a few tuftys, 12 Goldeneye and a few other common species. In the evening we had a walk at Buckenham and encorporated the rook roost and a lovely sunset.

Today dad and I did a wildfowl count at Buckenham and Cantley, the results are as follows;

White-front- 218
Taiga Bean- 2
Wigeon-520 (C) + 1870 (B)
Lapwing- 311(C) + 321(B)
Bewicks Swan (opposite Buckenham Mill) a single with 3 Mutes

It was surprising to see the 2 Taigas, its unusual to see such a small number, it was also unusual to see them associating so closely with the Pinks, it appeared to be adult and young(?) one certain adult, the other bird had a far more washed out orange bill and plumage. A few ropey shots attatched.

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